fn transpose(self: @Tensor<T>, axes: Span<usize>) -> Tensor<T>;

Returns a new tensor with the axes rearranged according to the given permutation.


  • self(@Tensor<T>) - The input tensor.

  • axes(Span<usize>) - The usize elements representing the axes to be transposed.


  • Panics if the length of the axes array is not equal to the rank of the input tensor.


A Tensor<T> instance with the axes reordered according to the given permutation.


use core::array::{ArrayTrait, SpanTrait};

use orion::operators::tensor::{TensorTrait, Tensor, U32Tensor};

fn transpose_tensor_example() -> Tensor<u32> {
    let tensor = TensorTrait::<u32>::new(
        shape: array![2, 2, 2].span(), data: array![0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7].span(),

    // We can call `transpose` function as follows.
    return tensor.transpose(axes: array![1, 2, 0].span());
>>> [[[0,4],[1,5]],[[2,6],[3,7]]]

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