fn is_inf(self: @Tensor<T>, detect_negative: Option<u8>, detect_positive: Option<u8>) -> Tensor<bool>;

Maps infinity to true and other values to false.


  • self(@Tensor<T>) - The input tensor.

  • detect_negative(Option<u8>) - Optional Whether map negative infinity to true. Default to 1 so that negative infinity induces true.

  • detect_positive(Option<u8>) - Optional Whether map positive infinity to true. Default to 1 so that positive infinity induces true.


A new Tensor<bool> instance with entries set to true iff the input tensors corresponding element was infinity.


use core::array::{ArrayTrait, SpanTrait};    
use orion::operators::tensor::{BoolTensor, TensorTrait, Tensor, U32Tensor};

fn is_inf_example() -> Tensor<bool> {
    let tensor = TensorTrait::<u32>::new(
        shape: array![6].span(), data: array![1, 0, NumberTrait::INF(), 8, NumberTrait::INF(), NumberTrait::INF()].span(),

    return tensor.is_inf(detect_negative: Option::None, detect_positive: Option::None);
>>> [false, false, true, false, true, true]

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