fn sqrt(self: @Tensor<T>) -> Tensor<T>;

Computes the square root of all elements of the input tensor.


  • self(@Tensor<T>) - The input tensor.


A new Tensor<T> of the same shape as the input tensor with the arctangent (inverse of tangent) value of all elements in the input tensor.

Type Constraints

Constrain input and output types to fixed point tensors.


use core::array::{ArrayTrait, SpanTrait};

use orion::operators::tensor::{TensorTrait, Tensor, FP8x23Tensor};
use orion::numbers::{FixedTrait, FP8x23};

fn sqrt_example() -> Tensor<FP8x23> {
    let tensor = TensorTrait::<FP8x23>::new(
        shape: array![3].span(),
        data: array![
            FixedTrait::new_unscaled(0, false),
            FixedTrait::new_unscaled(1, false),
            FixedTrait::new_unscaled(2, false),

    return tensor.sqrt();
>>> [0,8388608,11863169]
// The fixed point representation of
// [0,1,1.4142...]

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