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fn thresholded_relu(tensor: @Tensor<T>, alpha: @T) -> Tensor<T>
Applies the thresholded rectified linear unit (Thresholded ReLU) activation function element-wise to a given tensor.
The Thresholded ReLU function is defined as f(x) = x if x > alpha, f(x) = 0 otherwise, where x is the input element.


  • tensor(@Tensor<T>) - A snapshot of a tensor to which the Leaky ReLU function will be applied.
  • alpha(@T) - A snapshot of a fixed point scalar that defines the alpha value of the Thresholded ReLU function.


A new fixed point tensor with the same shape as the input tensor and the Thresholded ReLU function applied element-wise.

Type Constraints

Constrain input and output types to fixed point tensors.


use array::{ArrayTrait, SpanTrait};
use orion::operators::tensor::{TensorTrait, Tensor, FP8x23};
use orion::operators::nn::{NNTrait, FP8x23NN};
use orion::numbers::{FP8x23, FixedTrait};
fn thresholded_relu_example() -> Tensor<FP8x23> {
let tensor = TensorTrait::<FP8x23>::new(
shape: array![2, 2].span(),
data: array![
FixedTrait::new(0, false),
FixedTrait::new(256, false),
FixedTrait::new(512, false),
FixedTrait::new(257, false),
let alpha = FixedTrait::from_felt(256); // 1.0
return NNTrait::leaky_relu(@tensor, @alpha);
>>> [[0, 0], [512, 257]]