fn range(start: T, end: T, step: T) -> Tensor<T>;

Generate a tensor containing a sequence of numbers that begin at start and extends by increments of delta up to limit (exclusive).

  • start(T) - First entry for the range of output values.

  • end(T) - Exclusive upper limit for the range of output values.

  • step (T) - Value to step by.


A 1-D tensor with same type as the inputs containing generated range of values.


use core::array::{ArrayTrait, SpanTrait};
use orion::operators::tensor::I32TensorPartialEq;
use orion::operators::tensor::{TensorTrait, Tensor};
use orion::operators::tensor::{I32Tensor, I32TensorAdd};
use orion::utils::{assert_eq, assert_seq_eq};
use orion::numbers::NumberTrait;

fn range_example() -> Tensor<i32> {
    return TensorTrait::range(21,2,-3);
>>> [21 18 15 12  9  6  3]

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